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 Govt.Sadiq Abbas High School foundation was laid This school was named after the name of Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbas Abbasi, the Ex-Ruler of former state of   Bahawalpur.in 1912 primarily and Just in 10 years School prospered itself as Middle School,in 1925 Govt. Middle School . After this, This school was graded as High School named.  Govt.Sadiq Abbas High School School is also CTSC Centre. New grand building of this school...
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Govt. Sadiq Abbas High School, Ahmadpur East
Govt. Sadiq Abbas High School, Ahmadpur East
Near Meezan Bank, Kachehri Road Ahmadpur East (Bahawalpur), Pakistan
Contacts:  03027709390, 0622272849, 03028380084

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A farewell party Retirement of Mr.Shaukat Ali Bhatti!

   فیر ویل پارٹی کی یادیں  الوداعی تقریب ہمارے پیارے دوست محترم جناب شوکت علی بھٹی گورئمنٹ ایس اے ہائی سکول احمد پور شرقیہ 

Dated: Fri, Sep 01, 2017

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